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Her, trying to drag it backwards she was very naive and very cute in the end, the big black dog was dragged away, and he didn t say anything more wildly, making people s eyes straighten.

He was extremely serious when he really fought, confident but not arrogant his best cbd oil that s real body shook, and an ancient imprint appeared on his back, like a god, but also like a vision, or maybe a.

The territory huh, life is a major event, I have solved a problem, ask for a monthly ticket, ask for a recommendation ticket, it s monday, what is cbd vaporizer ask for various tickets for support it is said.

Someone outside and slapped me if you are strong enough, you should go in and kill someone with blood flowing like rivers and thousands of bones only in this way can you be worthy of.

Invincible in the world he achieved the highest how do i know if i bought real cbd oil dao fruit, only one foot away, he passed the pass, and became another supreme emperor throughout the ages this is shocking people who were.

Confidence of the family that has been born of the great emperor however, even under this background, someone entered ji .

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Benefits Of Cbd Gummies what is cbd vaporizer Harrow International balance of wellness cbd oil When To Take Cbd Oil For Sleep. s house, still quite self reliant, lacking respect, let alone awe.

Although there have amazin cbd oil always been legends that this dog, which is hated by humans and gods, followed the emperor, and cali gummi cbd review its origins are terrifying, but there has been no conclusive evidence.

Thing exists .

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what is cbd vaporizer

balance of wellness cbd oil Broad Spectrum Cbd Cbd Sleep Aid what is cbd vaporizer Harrow International. in theory, but cbd gummies for eczema it is too scary to have such a person how about it, admit defeat, then slap your mouth first, and then make an apology heihuang said sharply, this gesture made.

Had fought fiercely before, all put down their identities in addition, all the saints from outside the territory also appeared one after another, came down, and expressed themselves this.

People daze, this is what is cbd vaporizer facing the existence in the restricted area many people suddenly realized Harrow International what is cbd vaporizer that shenwa s performance just now was inseparable from this big black dog, with a similar.

No money in this place many people showed strange expressions, and they all looked at ye fan this cheating baby dongfang ye, li heishui and others couldn t help cursing not only the ji.

You when you come home, and call you fat pig head fight with me, even if the heavenly king and lao tzu are here, even such a brat wants to compete with my lord, and what is cbd vaporizer Well Being Cbd Gummies Reviews it s a thousand miles.

Time, the void broke open silently, .

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Does Cbd Help With Sleep balance of wellness cbd oil, what is cbd vaporizer Best Cbd Gummies On Amazon How Long Do Cbd Gummies Last. ji zi appeared, and silently came what is cbd vaporizer to the center of the field, obviously he would have to intervene, not to mention his relationship with .

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balance of wellness cbd oil Broad Spectrum Cbd Cbd Sleep Aid what is cbd vaporizer Harrow International. ye fan, just.

Achieved by Cbd And Sleep balance of wellness cbd oil one person, and the world is safe in the buy cbd gummies for pain the woodlands tx past, dacheng holy body had such power dacheng holy body can live for at least 10,000 years a person who dares to challenge the.

The same kind and a strong cbd 100mg each gummies man of the same level the brown haired sage was angry, and his eyes became more and more icy today, he wanted to use the power of the master of the court to.

The lord of the wind clan, the phoenix, has arrived emperor luan of guhua has arrived with a loud shout, one after another, the headmasters of the holy land came to participate in this.

Although they are far away, they have already sensed the holy power just now, and they are really shocked to the extreme this is like a fairy tale, a child is actually sanctified, no one.

Frightened dongfang ye and others, and the holy prince immediately sank his face and pointed at him in this case, he didn t want ye fan to take action, but had to do it for him, because.

Him away immediately and let him play freely although balance of wellness cbd oil Vegan Cbd Gummy the little fat man tried his best to look old fashioned, he was completely naked, his body was white, and the addition of a spanking.

Was originally a battle between dragons and tigers, which might provoke the ancient supreme beings in the seven forbidden areas of life, but .

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what is cbd vaporizer Cbd For Sleep Gummies, What Is Cbd Gummies balance of wellness cbd oil Cbd And Melatonin. they did not expect to evolve to this stage.

But that kind of aura made many older people tremble the big black dog asked the little girl to come forward ninny doesn t know how to fight the little girl was a little embarrassed, she.

King in white stared at what is cbd vaporizer .

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Benefits Of Cbd Gummies what is cbd vaporizer Harrow International balance of wellness cbd oil When To Take Cbd Oil For Sleep. the tower with an incomparably dignified expression at the same time, the black emperor also sacrificed one formation after another to surround this place.

At .

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balance of wellness cbd oil Broad Spectrum Cbd Cbd Sleep Aid what is cbd vaporizer Harrow International. this moment, the existence from the hemp bombs melatonin cbd gummies 375mg 25ct bottle forbidden zone of life said this, everything has been confirmed, and everything is true one child can t do it, it s not enough to hit, it s better.

All this represents a kind of supreme self confidence and conceit what kind of emperor, is it as powerful as the emperor of heaven shenwa shouted angrily although this little fat man is.

Making people unable to see hope whether how to take cbd oil for cll it is the holy prince or ji zi, they are all a little shocked, they have never known that someone in this life has come this far they are the.

People have heard of shenting, because of their great influence, they what is high cbd have ruled some ancient domains, and megatron in the universe ye fan s cbd oil for dog separation anxiety reddit heart trembled, and he suddenly realized that.

Lamented however, when the big black dog bared its teeth, everyone shut Cbd And Sleep balance of wellness cbd oil up how often can you take a dose of cbd oil this dog is too different and fierce shen ming remained expressionless and did not .

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what is cbd vaporizer

Does Cbd Help With Sleep balance of wellness cbd oil, what is cbd vaporizer Best Cbd Gummies On Amazon How Long Do Cbd Gummies Last. admit defeat, saying didn t.

Then his body potion cbd gummies review felt cold, feeling that something was wrong ye fan did Harrow International what is cbd vaporizer this with sinister intentions for him letting him kneel and read the letter completely ruined the previous plan by.

Fan, and then retreated with such an elder person here, she almost wanted 100 mg gummy cbd to say something when everyone had almost left, only balance of wellness cbd oil Vegan Cbd Gummy ji zi, heihuang, sheng huangzi, li heishui and a few people.

Immortal burst out she seemed to have killed all over the nine heavens and ten places to be continued everyone was what is cbd vaporizer stunned, the sweat pores on their bodies were chilled, and the air.

Was ready to fight is there any explanation it just so happens that you are back and let them enter the bridal chamber you and I will wait for a grand wedding how nice it is heihuang said.

Today in fact, if this duel continues, it may be very terrifying some emperors will fall, blood will be splashed in the southern region, and the ancient supreme in the restricted area may.

The corner of her clothes with a can you take cbd oil to bulgaria small hand nothing ji ziyue had never been so flustered like today, even in front of a little girl, her pretty face was a little red she was a little.

Dust what is cbd vaporizer can fill the sea, a blade of grass can chop up the stars in the sky everyone was horrified, even though they had already escaped far enough, they were still terrified, their bones.

Of joy, and when they learned about their daughter, they were what is cbd vaporizer so happy that they what is cbd vaporizer couldn t be more happy on this day, the ji family was overjoyed and sent out many invitations, such as the.

Called the .

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Does Cbd Help With Sleep balance of wellness cbd oil, what is cbd vaporizer Best Cbd Gummies On Amazon How Long Do Cbd Gummies Last. great emperor in the future become his subordinate I think he is not at ease he adaya cbd oil wants to force him to stay by his side and watch both he and ji zi are qualified to say such.

A sound, you are shocking the world against the heavens no wonder the brown haired sage dared to do this even facing the seven restricted areas of life, he has enough confidence he is.

Origin of this little fat man, it is too terrifying at this time, naturally many people recognized the fairy source, and spread it out, making it known to everyone, and people were even.

The brown haired sage was quite confident he pointed to the thirty three story blue fairy gold tower above his head, with a sneer on the corner of his mouth, and said even if someone can.

His own relative, what is cbd vaporizer his own uncle, which naturally makes him feel more excited than anyone else he will be your uncle from now on, and you can call him from now on li heishui said with a.

Suit said, his eyes were bright, his black hair was thick, and the halo emanating from his body was even more astonishing everyone was shocked, these words are too conceited this really.

After drinking the last sip of wine, throwing away the glass engagement ji zi said, still so concise and powerful that s right, I ve always wanted to see my eldest nephew be born the holy.

Incident this time was also caused by the brown haired sage himself he wanted to take advantage of the situation to force ye fan into a dead end if ye fan does this now, even if it gets.

Embarrassed at this time, and his son was beaten in front of his face okay, it s worthwhile for me to teach you, and you ve finally improved a bit in the distance, the big black dog.

Angrily damn old snake, death Thc And Cbd Gummies what is cbd vaporizer is not a pity that is the origin of the emperor he broke my big business by inserting a stick in the end, he chased it by himself, but he didn t even get a.

Calmly you are not too much like him an bo shook his head after finishing speaking if it is the real void, how could there be no emperor s prestige at this moment, everyone understood.

Miraculous events happen in ancient times an existence like this is to remind the supreme beings of the what is cbd vaporizer nine heavens and ten places, do they still have enemies shen ming also said to.

She was too young and lacked that kind of charm, but he still shouted belong to my sect in the future, let alone punish your father, it will be what is cbd vaporizer Well Being Cbd Gummies Reviews fine to beat your grandfather to the ground.

Forward he was still very young, so he had a kind of determination and heroism, but at this moment he was very excited the name he heard the most in the starry sky was ye fan, what is cbd vaporizer the saint.

Deliberately did this today to anger me, and then let the emperor behind you take action do you also know that you once killed such a great sage the brown haired sage finally broke out.

Away it had a magnificent and boundless power, majestic, and resonated with the heavens ye fan and the others did not stop it, and the ji family did not stop it with the great emperor.

Rapidly became larger, and each stroke was like being made of fairy gold, dazzling, translucent and shiny, full of cold metal texture, and weighing more than hundreds of millions of.

Been disliked, and ji zi attacked with a void mirror not to mention his relationship with ye fan, just saying that this is his home, he has to perform the rituals of the master the blue.

Incomprehensible shock, staring at jizi without blinking, as if he had seen the most incredible thing everyone is in a daze, what s going on are you talking about my father ji zi said.

She grabbed her hand, took her away, came to ye fan, and stared at him a pair of bi people is born, a match is what is cbd vaporizer bestowed by what is cbd vaporizer god, a pair in the world, a pair on the ground everyone shouted.

Things their fathers are the real emperors and have the right to speak in the end the emperor of shenting values you very much, and wants to make you the king of the big dipper star.

Trample on ye fan s dignity he never thought that the other party was much stronger than he imagined even if the emperor is destined to become enlightened, the other party still refuses.

Jiang yifei, the holy lord of the jiang family of the northern territory, is here in person the can i take cbd oil on an airplane to florida queen mother of the west of yaochi has arrived with the what is the rateing on green cbd oil 4500mg sound of sound transmission, one.

Domineering he was, as if the ancient sacred mountain exploded, turmoil the sky, and rushed straight past this is a battle to be fought and at this time, two other auras erupted at the.

Failed what is cbd payment gateway in what is cbd vaporizer his generation if he continues to develop like this, it is inevitable that he will reach another big level by then, he will really be a great success dacheng holy body, no one.

Will help you and take you to zhenhaiyan the big black dog said coldly in the past, it often clamored to accept the holy son and the holy maiden as people s favor but now it is very.

Haunting, one patriarch has descended, quasi emperors have been born, not to mention the awakening of the supreme beings in the forbidden zone of life, this is an unprecedented world.

One who caught up how to use cbd oil for vulvodynia pain with him to get to know him personally and almost recognized his relatives in the end, he was so scared that he ran away and ran away I give you a task to defeat that.

Made people moved and admired to the point of tears can you mix cbd oil and peppermint if it is said, who is the hero of beidou, there is no doubt that the what is cbd vaporizer king in white is well deserved no matter from which aspect, he is.

The black emperor, he also challenged him, but he was afraid of best cbd gummies for inflammation and pain a little girl everyone was even more frightened how could these children be more saintly than the other, beating up .


Brother shen ming was very frank and did not hide anything, but this sentence immediately caused an uproar among apple cider cbd gummies the people, which was inconceivable and shocking this is a child, how did.

Shenming said, but he was very satisfied with his offspring the emperor s blood has not weakened after a generation, and it is even more outstanding the talent has reached an extreme he.

Whoever seals it can be convinced .

What Is Cbn In Cbd Oil ?

Cbd Gummies For Sleep what is cbd vaporizer Does Cbd Make You Tires, balance of wellness cbd oil. at can you take cbd oil to dubai this moment, a discordant voice sounded on this occasion, under such a festive environment, such a gummy king cbd voice naturally seemed out of place it was clear.

Said it clearly of course, it must be bragging, why do you need it to take action when there is no beginning to conquer the world there are records in some unofficial histories and.

T look frivolous, his tone was slow and forceful, and his eyes were blazing like torches in addition, he was wearing a black dark iron god clothes the 9000 mg cbd oil cold crystals and unique metallic.

Not be without the strength to fight and this time period does not necessarily need to be too long for those what is cbd vaporizer who really want to embark on that road, time is by no means an obstacle to.

Emperors, they were also the most powerful quasi emperors, and they were about to reach the level of the supreme supreme, but they all fell in a pool of blood this can further highlight.

Little girl has appeared, this kind of behavior almost makes people unable to think everyone was terrified and shocked, and only the little girl in the field was ignorant and didn t see.

Brother in law and was kicked out of the shelves, while the other just found out and was dazed ji ziyue was in a daze, this result had appeared in her mind before, but it never appeared.

Shenming s face can already be described as a black pot before that, he thought that his son was outstanding among the supreme descendants, which was rare in the world, but he was ravaged.

The forbidden zone of life, and may rule the heavens and myriad domains an old era is about to end, and a brand new era is about to what is cbd vaporizer begin, creating another great dynasty of emperors Thc And Cbd Gummies what is cbd vaporizer since.

I want you to seriously defeat him ye fan corrected isn t that what is cbd vaporizer Well Being Cbd Gummies Reviews what it means you want me to beat him and bully that child the little fat man said, no matter how it sounds, it doesn t.

And others methods to deal with him after being suppressed for so many years, he finally found a punching bag, and he can be punched casually, which makes him bubbling with beauty.

Fight with me, your teeth haven t grown yet today, you beat me Cbd Gummies Amazon what is cbd vaporizer so hard that you can t even recognize your father beside him, shenming has turned into a black faced god, with wisps of.

The red bird flew, the real dragon crossed, the white tiger split the sky, and all kinds of fairy spirits appeared together it was terrifying, like a peerless supreme being angry, or like.

Moment, he knew that he must not hesitate, let alone hesitate, it might hurt people s heart at this moment, all kinds of knots in his past, people and things in the past were almost let.

The fifth generation yuantian patriarch were undoubtedly at the forefront, and now seeing him again, he felt very uneasy the patriarch has passed away, and turned into light rain on that.

Against the great emperor wu shi, and I didn t show it to you like this, you also want to be arrogant when you come here hei huang came out, with copper bells and big eyes, revealing a.

Wrong last time, he is actually not my father everyone was stunned, no one thought that this little fat man would say such a sentence, why no matter how it sounds, it sounds like there is.

Firmly held by him moreover, at this moment, ye fan pushed ji haoyue aside, leaving only him and ji ziyue in the center, and everyone laughed together what what is cbd vaporizer s rare is that ji haoyue was.

Instructions things have developed to the present, beyond everyone s expectations ye fan s expression was flat, he didn t say anything, he directly cut open the void, and took out a.

Once looked down on the world and ruled the world like this it is only seen in ancient times an bo sighed, and said in this world, there are always existences and powers that we cannot.

Senior sister, you should call me senior aunt xiao que er knocked his bald head and said fiercely god, what s the matter, is it wrong to have a bald head why does everyone want to hit me.

Vast and boundless now that he has become a great sage, just like the old man who was a demon back then, he can activate this incomplete fairy weapon and let it emit peerless coercion as.

Parents and children of the ancient emperor .

  • Peak power cbd gummies dr juan rivera
  • Can I take cbd oil with prednisone
  • Cbd oil norman ok
  • Cbd oil greece
  • Cbd oil for memory loss
what is cbd vaporizer

and the great emperor no one knows better than them how difficult it will be to really reach that step it is not accumulated over the years .

How Much Cbd Oil For My Child ?

Benefits Of Cbd Gummies what is cbd vaporizer Harrow International balance of wellness cbd oil When To Take Cbd Oil For Sleep. at.

Reflecting a living world, very magnificent, magnificent and terrifying one flower one world this is a big collision between the two the black emperor used the big killing array to.

Heights of the sky and the depths of the earth mingren said angrily, and asked shenming for instructions, and wanted to go over immediately and overthrow the baby come what is cbd vaporizer Well Being Cbd Gummies Reviews on, I m trembling.

Potential power what is cbd vaporizer even the god king in white, the holy prince, ji zi, etc all showed signs of thought snapped a crisp sound interrupted people s contemplation, and shen ming slapped.

Help it, but he still endured it dou ding, I ll never end with you, you fat bastard mingren yelled angrily, but he was pressed to the ground, making it difficult to move boy, you .

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Benefits Of Cbd Gummies what is cbd vaporizer Harrow International balance of wellness cbd oil When To Take Cbd Oil For Sleep. are too.

From anger bang , bang was another fat beating, but shenming still endured it, what is cbd vaporizer without saying a word, but he really felt uncomfortable in his heart it was the first time, not to mention.

Everyone in cbd oil for cats with tumors beidou naturally knew the origin of the god king back then, he was heroic and majestic, famous all over the world, and left too many legends one or two hundred years after he.

Of the human sacrament, it s can you put cbd oil in a vaporizer too terrifying to dare to make such a move, directly brushing it up with the palm of your best cbd oil oer independent reviews finger if it were other great saints, just this one touch, not to.

Couldn t ask for anything if he fought, but since he said that just now, it s not just talking, and he can t change it again engagement is important, let s stop here for today ji zi and.

Variables every day, there may not be no one in this world who can accept him heihuang said coldly, but at this time its expression was already very serious when a creature who had.

Fighter, shrouded in divine light, beating like flames, and his aura was astonishing boom ye fan stepped forward, the golden fighting spirit soared into the sky, sweeping the world.

Need to spend money to vote please log in and vote for chendong for free, thank you balance of wellness cbd oil Vegan Cbd Gummy to be continued there were one black line after what is cbd vaporizer another on shenming s face, listening to the little fat.

The ocean rising and falling next to him, even qi luo and the old knife handle what is cbd vaporizer who were sitting with him were uncomfortable, let alone ye fan, the righteous master, who could only drink.

Him was an emperor who would rule the entire universe because, at this time, he represents a supreme being, he is the envoy of the emperor, and no one dares to touch him ye fan, whether.

He became like this, no different from a child shenming said frankly he directly stated that the god baby has a strange origin and can no longer be called a child it is not a violation of.

Prepared for ye fan s power, but shenming, who has a mysterious origin, is also so powerful his sudden appearance today shocked the world, and naturally made people tremble with a bang.

Of people boom a magic weapon exploded there, a great sacred weapon used to protect the body turned into catastrophe ashes, and another secret treasure that concealed the mind and.

Young, his self confidence is bursting ye fan walked forward step by step, with an extremely cold expression someone wanted to take him as a subordinate, even if that person was about to.

Killing that the ancient supreme used to open the road to immortality and kill to the immortal realm the offensive power of this kind of word is extremely powerful, otherwise, how can it.

Attack, while the imperial tower was defending, showing such a grand atmosphere, which shocked the human world among the dazzling laws, it was as if someone lifted up the sky, which was.

This day, many people came and went from the what is cbd vaporizer ji family, not only the heroes of the human race, but also people from the ancient clan, and even some royal families and royal families who.

Pattern and let it go now is not the time to break with the emperor, it is useless to leave a tower, it cannot prevent him from becoming enlightened, what should come will eventually.

His gesture really made everyone feel awe inspiring dongfangye, li heishui, yaoyuekong, wu zhongtian and others were all angry, this person was what is the best cbd oil to fight cancer too arrogant moreover, this kind of conceit.

Air unable to bear it, and fell to the ground boy, you are still young if you want to fight with me, you can practice for another thousand or eight hundred years the little fat man.

Ancient times, and the nine heavens what is cbd vaporizer and ten earths will respect together to be continued huge pressure everyone felt as if there was a big how to make cbd oil with rubbing alcohol what is cbd vaporizer mountain in their hearts, almost suffocating.

Left, his glorious legend continues at the grand festival in yaochi, the god king in white was stained with blood, fighting alone against the ancestor kings of the ancient tribes, which.

And hardly move his chopsticks huahua stole the fun, wiped his mouth after eating and ran away, regardless of his master, the upright cade kindly reminded ye fan that drinking must eat.

Feel a little desperate tianzong s capital is rare in ancient times brother shenming gave birth what is cbd vaporizer to a good child your lineage is strong for three generations, and the inheritance will.

Forward there what is cbd vaporizer was nothing to say, he moved directly, about to launch a blow that would shatter the world however, at this time, the holy prince couldn t help but move out, how violent and.

Saying that this is ji s place, he couldn t sit idly by however, when he showed up, an bo s body shook, and how much thc is in pure cbd oil an incomparable aura erupted, which was more terrifying than before, shaking.

T suppress his excitement at this moment, and he was still having fun, continuing his great cause of flattery that s enough, mingren lost this battle shen ming couldn t take it any.

The little girl have changed there cbd gummy recipes is horror, awe, and hope it is too extraordinary it is just a little girl why biosoil farm cbd oil is there such a scene behind her in effects of 250 mg cbd gummies the middle of the arena, shenyou.

Fellows in the village, having a great time playing only ji haoyue was like a black faced god, staring at ye fan unblinkingly, price of eagle hemp cbd gummies and the majestic aura of the god king was permeating, like.

Single hair the only regrettable thing is that longma and others haven t come back yet, Harrow International what is cbd vaporizer and I don t know where to go to practice what is cbd vaporizer now all the spirits in the universe are present, and they.

Unshakable sacred land, which no one could shake, blocking the coercion emitted by the formation this is a weapon of the great emperor, everyone was shocked, it was unbelievable, but.

Congratulate and bless, even the little girl ran up to him in a naive manner, greeted her sincerely, expressed her congratulations, and personally handed over a small gift of her own.

Ancient monument tens of thousands of feet what is cbd vaporizer thick, suppressing the sun, moon, rivers and mountains shenming s expression was dignified, and he had already shot at the first time the divine.

Appeared again, and it was just such encouraging words when it came up the little fat man ignored the black what is cbd vaporizer emperor, because he was angry with it and had been bullied by it, but he couldn.

His mana is the highest in the world if he really wants to be dispatched, what is cbd vaporizer he will be invincible in the world some great sages in the depths of the universe have taken the initiative to.

Again in the middle of the night, I look up at .

Is Cbd Oil Legal In New Mexico ?

Benefits Of Cbd Gummies what is cbd vaporizer Harrow International balance of wellness cbd oil When To Take Cbd Oil For Sleep. the starry sky alone, and silently bless you at that time, her pretty face was wet with tears how can I forget, how can I disappoint ye fan.

Time, and said at that time, that person was already in his old age, and he once walked through our immortal mountain, and was accompanied by a huge black dog everyone was shocked.

Forward and make this battle fierce if an emperor dies in the forbidden area of life, it will probably sweep beidou, and a supreme being will be born fellow daoists are just kidding, I m.

Holy prince sneered and said you are too what is cbd vaporizer confident my father did not make such a big show like the man behind you after he became enlightened a decree wants to make a man who can be.

Fan s burst of breath exploded like a mountain torrent bursting a bank, and the sky and the earth suddenly fell apart his voice was as indifferent as death s scolding to be continued ye.

From the restricted area didn t take what is cbd vaporizer Well Being Cbd Gummies Reviews it seriously at all, he dismissed it, and didn t even bother to ask brother ye congratulations, I wish you a long life together an bo said, his.

Displayed in the blood, and chaos is permeating this is your child I really think that the world is invincible hei huang stepped forward, .

Is Cbd Oil Legal Wisconsin ?

what is cbd vaporizer Cbd For Sleep Gummies, What Is Cbd Gummies balance of wellness cbd oil Cbd And Melatonin. with a proud expression on his face, and said you.

Heihuang was also what is cbd vaporizer very contented, with two disciples pouring wine for him as for the little girl, she took ji chengdao with her, and they had already disappeared with a bunch of little.

Qualification unless there is an exception, unless it is the weird mythical age of emperor zun, it may be possible to break the shackles of heaven and earth, and the possibility of.

Apologize to you besides, if I meet you within ten years, I will stay away from you if I really have to meet, I will still apologize to be continued this is a boy, about six years what is cbd vaporizer old.

Like you like it at all, just let it go if you want to huahua calmed down rarely, and enlightened others little bald head, you don t have to take care of my affairs, and I m not your.

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